UNT Career Connect: Connecting Your Experiences, Creating Your Future

UNT prepares students to succeed academically and in their future career

UNT Career Connect is the university's Quality Enhancement Plan. Starting in fall 2016, this plan will be available to any undergraduate student who wishes to participate.

How do students participate? Easy! The QEP will engage students through action-based experiential learning in the context of communities, both in the public and private sector, to develop communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills. Examples of these kinds of activities include:

  • Class internships
  • Non-credit internships
  • Study abroad
  • Course projects
  • Capstone experiences, courses and projects
  • Service learning courses
  • Volunteer projects
  • Orientation and related activities
  • Co-curricular activities, such as student groups
  • Community-based research endeavors
  • Creative endeavors
  • Student employment

Already, many UNT students experience these activities during their time here. For example, Lauren Hardgraves completed an internship with Serve Denton which required her to plan and organize the construction of a new playground for the non-profit organization's Wheeler House. She used communication, critical thinking and teamwork skills each step of the way -- from ordering the mulch that lined the playground to helping volunteering who came to construct the set. More important to Lauren, she now has an addition on her portfolio that shows she not only learned about nonprofit work in the classroom, but was able to put those skills to practical use to create a haven for the children of homeless families who use Wheeler House. 

Hear more about Lauren's experience, how she helped Serve Denton and why community partnerships such as these are important to UNT and our students:

UNT Career Connect not only helps all students get involved, but it gives students a way to display their experiences and show others just how much they know. UNT Career Connect will use an e-portfolio system that allows students to collect, connect and showcase the evidence of learning from their curricular and co-curricular real-world experiences.

This plan strengthens UNT's commitment to educational excellence and relies on the strong support faculty and staff already give our students to help develop the skills students need to excel in graduate school or stand-out as a top job candidate in the workforce.

The plan also strengthens UNT's ties to the community. UNT Career Connect activities must have a community partner -- that makes the experiences real. This allows for mutual benefit. The student gains valuable learning experiences and the community partner receives assistance. UNT Career Connect activities will have an outcome or product that ensures the validity of the activity and expresses the benefit to all involved. Activities will be observed or reviewed to provide valid and reliable assessment of student learning outcomes, demonstrating the skills of students to themselves, instructors and potential employers, and providing feedback for improvement to all involved.